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Marketing Center

Since its establishment in 1959, Marketing Center has been conducting a wide range of surveys to provide our clients with the information they require. We offer more than high quality research - marketing insight as a "Partner in Excellence"

Introduction of new technology/Development of original product

To meet the requirement caused by surrounding changes, we continue our study on various areas such as sampling method, data collection/processing/analysis, quality control, database technology and on-line technology. Also we are actively developing original products such as "Geographic Information System."

Nationwide survey Network

Marketing Center maintains local chapters in 42 major cities throughout Japan and more than 350 interviewers. With this infrastructure, we can offer you reliable solution.

Overseas Surveys/Network

We have conducted a large number of surveys in our country for client from Europe, the United States and Asia. Through utilization of our overseas network, clients can expect service, which is equivalent to domestic activities in speed and quality.

Fieldwork Methodology

* Personal Interview
* Detailed Interview
* Leave-and-pick-up Method
* Telephone Interview
* Mail Survey
* Street Interview
* Depth Interview
* Central Location Testing Method
* Focus Group Interview
* Unstructured Observation
* Structured Observation
* Hall test
* Sensory test

Research area


* Business-to-business
* Consumer Marketing
* Social / Opinion
* Advertising / Packaging
* Pricing / Promotions
* Product Testing / NPD
* Tracking
* Segmentation / Typology
* Customer Satisfaction
* Child Studies
* Brand image
/Corporate image

* Food & Drink
* Automobile
* Medical / Pharmaceutical
* Mass Media
* Wholesale / retail res.
* Financial
* Travel / Tourism research

Recent Achievement

* Shopper survey for identifying trade area
* Automobile consumer satisfaction survey
* Assessment of road traffic information system
* Usage of beverage vender machine
* Most advanced technology among venture enterprises
* Care product usage among nursing home
* Doctor survey on osteoporosis treatment
* Hypertension patient diary
* Doctor and pharmacist survey on MRSA
* Opinion survey for equality of the sexes
* Opinion survey for child welfare

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