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Since its establishment in 1959, Marketing Center has been contributing to society primarily by providing statistical information about consumers’ realities and opinions through market research and public opinion surveys to companies, organizations, etc.

In the handling of personal information of the individuals surveyed, Marketing Center adheres to the international code of conduct for the marketing research industry, the “ICC/ESOMAR International Code,” as well as the “Marketing Research Code” and “Marketing Research Industry Personal Information Protection Guidelines” established by the Japan Marketing Research Association.

We have established the following policy regarding the protection of personal information, and we declare internally and externally that we will implement this policy to establish a more appropriate and secure personal information protection system, aiming for thorough privacy protection.

1. Rules for the Collection (Acquisition), Use, and Provision of Personal Information

In the process of collecting (acquiring) personal information, our company consistently defines the purpose of use, employing fair and proper means. The utilization of personal information strictly adheres to the scope of the agreed-upon purpose, limited to cases where the individual has provided consent. In instances where usage extends beyond the initially specified purpose, explicit consent from the individual is obtained beforehand. While our general practice is to refrain from providing personal information to third parties, if such provision is necessary, consent from the individual is obtained in advance. Based on these principles, our company manages personal information within the scope of the purpose of use, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information.

2. Security Management of Personal Information

To prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, our company implements appropriate security measures, including measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses. We establish organizational, personnel, physical, and technological security management environments.

3. Compliance with Laws and Other Standards Regarding Personal Information

In carrying out business activities related to handling personal information, our company’s executives and all employees comply with relevant laws, guidelines established by the government, and guidelines set by the Japan Marketing Research Association, an organization to which our company is affiliated. This includes adherence to the “Marketing Research Code” and the “Marketing Research Industry Personal Information Protection Guidelines.” We act in accordance with internal regulations.

4. Handling of Inquiries, Complaints, and Consultations

For inquiries and complaints regarding our company’s handling of personal information, please contact the phone number provided in “5. Contact and Complaint Reception” under “Handling of Personal Information.” We promptly respond to requests from the subject of disclosed personal information or their representatives, including notifications of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction (correction, addition, or deletion of content), and suspension of use (cessation, deletion, and suspension of provision to third parties).

5. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Management System

To put our privacy policy into practice, we have established and operate a personal information management system, including regulations. To enhance effectiveness, we conduct education for all employees, audits of operational conditions, and other activities at least once a year. By continuously reviewing and improving the personal information management system, we ensure that all employees are thoroughly aware of and comply with the latest compliance requirements.

Established on March 10, 1999
Revised on June 24, 2021
Last Revised on June 23, 2023
Marketing Center Co., Ltd.
CEO Hidetaka Ohno

■For inquiries regarding the content of the Privacy Policy, please contact:

Marketing Center Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Consultation Desk
Wisteria Minami-Otsuka Building, 3-30-4 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005
Tel: +81 3 5391 2513

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information:

  • Customer information will be used for the performance of business transactions and communication.
  • Survey participant information will be used for communication regarding surveys commissioned by us, dispatch of survey materials, performance of tasks related to the dispatch of rewards, and communication.
  • Information related to commissioned survey tasks will be used for the performance of commissioned tasks from the survey commissioning entity.
  • Information of individuals (personal) for whom the collection and submission of the individual number are mandatory for tax purposes will be used for personal number-related affairs based on the “Number Act.”
  • Information of employees joining our company will be used for personnel and labor management, business management, health management, and various security management purposes.
  • Information of applicants who have applied for our job openings will be used only for recruitment purposes.
  • Personal information of individuals who have contacted us will be used only for the corresponding inquiry response.

2. Held Personal Data:

The items and purposes of use of held personal data handled by our company are as follows. The purposes of use of held personal data are as described in the preceding section. However, for personal information related to commissioned tasks for which our company does not have disclosure authority, please contact the commissioning entity directly.

3. Requests for Disclosure, etc., of Held Personal Data:

(1) Items subject to requests for disclosure, etc.:

Name, address, responses to questions based on the survey purpose.

(2) Contact for requests for disclosure, etc.:

Requests for disclosure, etc. should be sent to the address below, by filling out the designated application form and attaching the required documents. In the case of postal mail, please write “Request for Disclosure, etc., Document Enclosed” on the envelope.

Yukie Matsugae
Personal Information Management Supervisor and Head of GIS Division
Marketing Center Co., Ltd.
Wisteria Minami-Otsuka Building, 3-30-4 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005

(3) Request for Disclosure and Related Documents

Documents to be Submitted When Requesting Disclosure, etc.:
If you wish to request disclosure, etc., please download the application form (A) below, fill in all required items, and enclose documents for personal identification (B).

  • Designated application form of our company
  • Documents for personal identification
    • Copy of official documents such as a driver’s license (please obscure the domicile if necessary), passport, etc. (1 copy)

(4) Request for Disclosure, etc., by a Representative:

If the person making the request for disclosure, etc., is a legal representative of a minor or an adult under guardianship, or a representative delegated by the individual for the purpose of requesting disclosure, please enclose the following documents (A or B), in addition to the documents mentioned in the previous section.

  • In the case of a legal representative
    • Designated legal representative declaration form of our company
    • Documents to confirm the legal representative’s authority (public documents confirming parent-child relationship, resident certificate, etc.) - 1 copy
    • Documents to confirm that the person is the legal representative of a minor or an adult under guardianship (copy of the legal representative’s driver’s license, passport, etc.) - 1 copy
  • In the case of a representative delegated by the individual

(5) Notification of Purposes and Fees for Disclosure, etc.:

Free of charge.

(6) Response Method for Requests for Disclosure, etc.:

We will respond according to the preferred response method specified in the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form, sent to the address provided by the applicant in the application form.

(7) Use of Personal Information Collected in Response to Disclosure Requests:

Personal information collected in response to disclosure requests will be handled only within the necessary scope for responding to such requests. Submitted documents will be retained for 2 years after the completion of the response to disclosure requests and then disposed of.

4. Handling of Personal Information Provided by Third Parties:

Our company will appropriately manage the personal information collected and will not provide it to third parties without the prior consent of the individual. However, exceptions apply in cases such as legal requirements or situations necessary for the protection of life, body, or property, or for public health improvement, promotion of healthy child development, or cooperation with government agencies or local public bodies performing tasks based on laws, where obtaining the individual’s consent may hinder the performance of such tasks.

5. Security Measures for All Personal Data, etc.:

We implement the following measures for the appropriate security management of all personal data, etc.

  • Establishment of “Personal Information Handling Regulations” and “Security Management Regulations”
  • Organizational security management measures: Limitation of handling responsibilities to responsible persons, clarification of roles, and reporting and communication structure
  • Human security management measures: Regular training for all employees, initial training for new employees, and confidentiality agreements
  • Physical security management measures: Setting of management/handling areas, locking management, irretrievable erasure and disposal
  • Technical security management measures: Minimization of access rights, prevention of unauthorized access from external sources
  • Handling of personal data in foreign countries: Understanding and measures for the external environment of the respective foreign country

6. About Cookies:

For the convenience of users accessing our website and to analyze access to the site, we may use cookies to obtain identification information for computers accessing the site and visit history. Cookies can be turned off in your browser settings, but in this case, some services on the website may not be available.

7. Contact for Inquiries and Complaints:

For inquiries and complaints regarding the handling of personal information by our company, please contact the following:


Marketing Center Co., Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Desk
Phone: +81 3 5391 2513
Reception Hours: Weekdays 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Excluding year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 to 1/4) and company founding anniversary (10/1)


Marketing Center Co., Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Desk


Wisteria Minami-Otsuka Building, 3-30-4 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005


Marketing Co., Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Desk

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Additional Information

The company is a member of the Japan Information Economy Society Promotion Association, a certified personal information protection organization.

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